Woman Gives Birth at Wedding Reception

Here is one interesting wedding story for the engaged couples who are planning their weddings in Waterloo:

A wedding in the state of Ohio, USA, had an unexpected visitor as the bride went into labor while walking down the church aisle.

The couple, Mark and Jamie, wanted to get married before the baby was due, so they started to plan the wedding two weeks earlier. The baby was supposed to come out a week after the wedding, but things obviously didn’t go the way they planned.

When the bride, Jamie Phillips, went into the wedding ceremony, she thought that her contractions were just false alarms, that is, until her bag of water broke in the middle of the wedding reception.

It was the bride’s maid of honor, Mary Anthony, who broke the new to the one hundred guests who were enjoying the reception. None of them believed the news at first since it was a running joke that Jamie might deliver her baby in her wedding day.

The bride was still wearing her wedding gown when she was quickly rushed to the hospital. Even the nurses were shocked to see the bride wearing her ivory wedding dress and veil. Shortly thereafter, the bride gave birth to a baby boy. The couple named him “Tova.”

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