Wedding Saving Tips: Beer in Bottles or Beer in Barrels

Beer in Bottles or Beer in BarrelsNow, unless you have been living off life as a hermit in Mt. Sinai or have so-called allergies towards alcohol, beer-drinking is one hard habit to break in many celebrations, especially in Waterloo. Nonetheless, it could add up to your budget if you’re not too careful.

From a financial point of view, beer is a money saver in comparison to hard liquors which could come in as somewhat rather pricey.

Eventually, a would-be couple will come face to face with the decision to make: To serve beer in bottles or beer in barrels or kegs.

Here’s the tale of the tape:

Gazillion Beer in Bottles

One distinct advantage of beer in bottles is variety. There are as many classes of beer as there are people who make them. Chances are some can also top the charts in terms of price.

Of course, if you’re idea is to wow your guests, catch them awestruck with all the colors and blends, then obviously beer in bottles are for you.

Needless to say, this is the more expensive route.

Beer in Barrels

No need to press the panic button. Beer in barrels need not look like you are kicking in a mini-equivalent of a German Octuberfest right within your wedding. Putting these in a staffed bar could solve the problem, if you’re keen about aesthetics and worry about them robust barrels.

Beer in barrels is cheaper, no doubt and it will get you extra savings for sure. One drawback is there will only be 2 to 3 beer choices for you – not as much as the bottled ones.

Now if you are thinking that guests might find it wanting taste-wise, there are always popular ones in barrels that you can go for (e.g., Bud, Coors). You could have one that is light and another that is darker to have some leeway.

And besides, when it comes to beer, whatever’s free always taste good.

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