Simple Steps to Save for Your Wedding

Simple Steps to Save for Your WeddingA Waterloo wedding is an investment; your dream will set you to a new chapter in your life, yes – at a cost. No matter how you want it, it will definitely cut a piece from your savings (unless you got a charitable benefactor). In this regard, saving ahead is truly wise.

Here’s how:

1. Come up with a target budget. A budget will get you focused. Without the aid of one, you will aiming aimlessly, ending up with nothing.

It is also helpful to put a maximum wedding cost. That way, you do not end up short when extra expenses somehow sprout in time.

2. Know your current financial standing. Consult with your future better half. How much money do each of you have currently? How much can be set aside for your wedding?

Opening a join account solely for your ‘big day’ is wise. Not only does it make everything simpler, it gets you closer to your dream wedding a day at a time.

3. Find alternative money sources. Talk to your parents. Check if they are willing to help you financially. Alternatively, you can also ask them to sponsor a specific part of the wedding (e.g., cake, wines).

4. Go figure. Now that you have your finances straightened out, you would already know how much you need to save.

5. Save regularly. Depending on far are you from your final day of union, adjust the frequency of your savings. Monthly may be too long if your wedding is but 2 to 3 months away.

It takes discipline to observe your dues. But like a credit card debt, reneging on a schedule may have bitter consequences. It could postpone your wedding, if at all.

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