Getting Your Wedding Plans Right: 3 Key Lessons

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Let’s face it, you may choose to cut some extra expense for your ‘big day of union’ for the rainy days. But you can’t just do some coin toss to get that wonderful wedding. Here are 3 possible wedding blunders and how to get these things right.


Watch Your Mouth

In your moment of euphoria, you may start talking to your office buddies about your wedding. It’s definitely tempting no doubt. Worse, you could ask them about some wonderful wedding suggestions.

Now, there’s nothing wrong in spreading the word. Definitely it’s within your right. But if you are not planning to invite any of your co-workers, keeping things discreet would be wise.

Then, if you have made this mistake, you may have to prepare some response to a co-worker’s one liner: “I wonder what I should be wearing on your wedding day.”


Check the Details

Getting a good venue can be tricky, for instance. Keep in mind, however, that for your wedding – and the reception that follows – you would need more than just the venue. Check the amenities (i.e., chairs, tables); you definitely wouldn’t want your guests eating on the floor.

This blunder is rooted in proper planning. It is disastrous to assume on things most especially on the venue. A visit to the location – compared to just calling – can spell a huge difference.


Mind Your Mindset

With all the deadlines and the details, it is easy to get gaga and engage in worry-mode. This is the last thing you would want to be on your wedding day. Worrying only gets you cranky and makes you a grumpy host – a key ingredient to a lousy wedding.


Like an athlete, your advance preparation should pay off on your ‘big day’. Learn to take everything in stride (yoga if you must). Remember that the most important component in your wedding is you and your future-other-half. With that taken cared of, you are but a few steps away from that big happy Waterloo wedding!

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