Choosing Your Best ‘Best Man’

Her Wedding PlannerLike many things in your Waterloo wedding, coming up with a best choice for a best man can be tricky. But with the clock ticking, getting one sooner rather than later is definitely a plus. Here are vital tips on how to help your future other-half zero in on the guy to stand by his side on your ‘big day’.

Look at the practical side of it. This role is no walk in the park; it has responsibilities. More common ones are arranging the stag party, attending the wedding rehearsals and suit fittings and taking an active role in your final day. If your choice can only be there for you on your wedding day because he still need to fly to your location then why get him?


Is he fit for your kind of wedding? You don’t want to get a loud person if what you want is a formal wedding? (Or getting a geek for a fun one). Decide on the kind of wedding you want (i.e., elegant or relaxed, refined or raucous) and match personalities. Remember you don’t want to feel jittery once the world hears your best man’s killer speech.


Blood or best friend? If it comes down to it between a brother and a best friend, then the old saying “blood is thicker than water” may be a good point of reference. To note, there are many other important roles that may be given to a bosom buddy like being the master of ceremonies perhaps.


Or if it is called for, multiple wedding men may solve the puzzle for you. Not so popular but possible.


Drawing up a list and cross checking it with the criteria above can help you cut corners. However, when it comes down to it, getting the best man – or men for that matter – for your wedding is a question of the heart. All it may take is just a little time to listen in.

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