A Simple Secret to a Budget Waterloo Wedding

Her Wedding PlannerSecrets appeal to us. Wedding secrets, all the more. Here’s a few words in making your Waterloo wedding most memorable without drilling a big hole in your savings.


Better sourcing. Most professionals who are in the human resource department (HRD) will define sourcing as getting the right workforce. In a lot of sense, your wedding is a sourcing event (i.e., you source vendors, caterers). You could avoid the ‘big bill’ by getting vendors off-season. For instance, schedule your wedding on days other than Saturday, when most do. In effect, you avoid paying extra for the same services.


Moreover, avoid unnecessary costs by not booking your wedding on wedding peak months (i.e., April to about early July). It may be a little unpopular but can save you huge.


Definitely, in the larger scheme of things, you maybe wanting to get to the more popular side of the fence. Saturday weddings, for instance, can put your wedding in the proper limelight. True. But a decision has to be made. You can either lose some popularity votes or lose a shirt in the process.


Secondly, trim down your reception costs because this is one area where your finances can really get strained. In all parts of the wedding, receptions are the usual Waterloo siphoning more funds than you can imagine, if you are not too careful. Consider serving tapas instead of a full meal, for starters. Not only cheaper, these will give your guests a wider variety of foods.


Now, for if you are really serious in your budgeting: Create a shorter guest list. Sounds drastic? Not really, considering the most important person in your wedding is you and your future-other half. The rest are but witnesses.

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