Getting Your Wedding Location in Three Easy Steps

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Now that you have finally decided to tie the knot, zeroing in on where to hold your ‘day of union’ in Waterloo could be a little sticky. For starters, you may begin to wonder if there was a shortcut to getting a ‘better-than-good’ location that’s just budget-friendly. Below are 3 steps that will help you simplify location-hunting for the day you walk down the aisle:


1.  Consider your guests. Had your wedding been for a circle of 5 of your best friends and bosom buddies then location won’t be a problem.


Are you planning a small wedding or something that is worthy of a Broadway production? How many are you planning to invite?


Will the people you are invite consist mainly of elderlies? A beach wedding where these people may need to fly to get there might be a problem if so.


2.  Choose your type of wedding: religious or not. This is something that you and your future other-half will have to settle on – if you haven’t already.


Usually, a religious ceremony will come out as more restrictive so checking things out early on is a must. Remember, church schedules are on a first-come first-serve basis. So unless your father is the head minister, getting your church booking first before your wedding reception is the way to go.


Now, you don’t want to get into a religious debate if you and your future life-partner belong to different churches. By now, you will have developed proven methods to come up with a solution. In this regards, a neutral location might offer a good compromise.


3.  Lastly, consider the work. Every location will have to be worked upon. A beach wedding is nice but you may have to have a Plan B should the weather start getting awry. On the other hand, a barn wedding will require some cleaning up to do (e.g., clearing out the hay, lighting effects). And lest you forget, moving Bessie and all the other farm animals out is part of the package.


On the other hand, conventional reception halls give you the convenience of a staff and a lot of predictability. However, as in most every little thing in your wedding, choosing a location in Waterloo becomes easy when from the onset  you and your future-partner do it as one – together.

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