A Website for Engaged Couples

Wedding Republic of your Wedding in Waterloo

Wedding Republic for your Wedding in Waterloo

A Canada-based company, Wedding Republic, has officially launched a website that allows its users to quickly create a free online wedding registry which they could customize for themselves. For engaged couples, www.WeddingRepublic.com, will give them the capability to register for any gift they want for their wedding, regardless of where they are, and let their guests chip in on the cash fund for that certain gift. Ultimately, since it is a cash fund, the couples have the final say on where to use it.

Wedding Republic has made it possible for couples to acquire non-traditional gifts by exposing them to more stores as opposed to traditional wedding registries. Any gift is possible: from non-traditional ones such as solar panels, camping gears, even the down payment of a dream house — to the more traditional ones like cutlery and silverware, almost anything can be added and purchased from anywhere.

According to Wedding Republic’s managing director, Hana Abaza, their number one priority when they developed the site was ease of use. They wanted to make the process as as easy and uncomplicated as possible in order to help the busy lives of engaged couples, and to make things better, the couples can get whatever they want. Abaza said that the goal of the site is to make the wedding registry fit the lifestyle of the couples.

Regardless of whether your wedding is in Ottawa, or you plan to have a garden wedding in Waterloo, or anywhere else in Canada, Wedding Republic can provide you with the best wedding gifts possible, and at the ease and comforts of your home.

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