Three Saving Tips for Your Waterloo Wedding

Her Wedding PlannerYes certainly, your ‘most memorable’ wedding in Waterloo need not be expensive. Here’s 3 proven tips:


1. Don’t decide on a whim. The event is so damn important for you, it is easy to get your head over your heels. Most true. But having somebody sweep you off your feet need not mean getting your finances drown along with it.

For instance, there could be a great urge for you to buy that wedding dress online. Just fab. And you just have to. But before you click that buy button and provide all your credit card details, remember there is no way for you to wear one if it doesn’t fit. A more traditional store experience can save a fortune.


2. Limit your guest list. Now, there is no need to invite the whole sorority house to your wedding. You may have 1001 reasons to do it. Same goes true for your officemates. Keep things discreet; go over your written list first. Don’t get the word out unless you’re pretty sure. Remember, it’s you who will foot the bill – not them.


3. Explore alternative receptions. Well, this is a matter of choice. But as the ‘king and queen’ of your big day, you and your future other-half has all the right to decide. A traditional dinner or lunch sit-down reception can drill a hole through your wallet. Explore cocktails or a cake-cutting. Picnics are also great.


Dwindling finances are a major cause of a breakdown in a marriage. In the end, it’s not just money that you save when you cut costs on your ‘big day’, it’s the truly wonderful union of two people joined as one.

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