Five Must-knows for Your Wedding Venue

Her Wedding PlannerNow, you may feel it’s a little too much. But there is nothing wrong in getting technical with a venue -especially for your most-awaited Waterloo wedding. (And besides, paying for nothing is definitely a no-no.) So keeping in mind that forewarned is forearmed, here’s 5 aspects of your venue you’d dare not miss:


1. Go-to person. Is there somebody who will facilitate your wedding on the day itself? Many things could go wrong on your big day so knowing and keeping the number of the in-charge is  wise.


2. Transportation. Is there going to be a shuttle for transport? Knowing things ahead can prevent unnecessary bottlenecks.


3. Time to leave. When the celebration starts kicking in, tracking time can be a problem. Knowing when it’s time to go can maximize your partying and put your program right on schedule.


4. Service details. Will you be charged for the service or more commonly-called as service charge? There usually is one for food and beverages. How about tipping? Is it acceptable or if it is what is the standard protocol. Usually if the bar is with a host, bartenders are not allowed to accept tips.


5. Food and wine details. Well, this one could be tricky so asking these from the onset can save you the trouble. Is there a minimum order? How much is charged if you don’t get one.


As for the wine, are they allowed? How about red wine? And how about the matching lighted candle? Are open flames allowed?


For sure, there are other considerations for your venue. Get to know them before it’s too late. When the planning is done right, surprises are minimized. Besides, you don’t want to end up with crocodile tears on your wedding day in Waterloo.

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