A Toast: To Your Waterloo Wedding!

Her Wedding PlannerCan’t imagine a wedding without toasts! Talk about a momentous event minus the wine – sounds pretty dry. To this end, a couple-to-be might wonder what wine fits best. Here are some tips to keep your ‘big day’ a little tipsy.



Food with Matching Wine


First off, consider your flavors – whatever variety or styles of food you want served. After which you can choose its apt pair of wines.
For a mixed choice, a combination of reds and whites can complement your champagnes. Chardonnay, arguably the world’s fave white wine, or the crispness of Riesling could be the premium choice for your white wine category.


As a party favorite Cabernet Sauvignon almost always does not fail to deliver in the red wine category. However, Pinot Noir’s softer red could offer greater versatility – wider food-pairing options.


Although relatively tacky, White Zifandel bottles can also be a party-kicker for some.



Getting Your Toasts Right


Classy, engraved flutes are a must for toasts. Make sure you get them ordered ahead of time. To a large extent, great wines enhance your wedding toasts. However, there is no need to get anyone intoxicated; two glasses per guest should do the trick.



Wine-inspired Wedding Favors


Wine wedding favors could add fun to your celebration. For instance, wine-goblet-shaped placecard holders or heart-shaped bottle stoppers could add a wonderful twist to your day of union.



However, exploring your options early – be it a bubbly for your eventual toast or an appropriate wine pairings for your food – is best to get your guests satisfied without losing a huge chunk in your budget.

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