Kristen Bell Won’t Be Selling Her Wedding Photos

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

Actress Kristen Bell has finally spoken about her upcoming wedding. She said that the ceremony would be kept private and the photographs won’t be sold.

Bell, who played Sarah Marshall in the movie ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall,’ will soon marry 35-year-old Dax Shephard whom she has been dating for more than 2 years. According to the 29-year-old actress, they want to keep their wedding low profile. She said that the wedding will be a private affair since a lot of people are getting interested, yet she and Shepard think that they really shouldn’t be.  Additionally, she said that she and Shepard are not interested in making a spectacle of something as lovely as a wedding.  Both of them are pretty much homebodies according to her. She said that they are not the kind of people who sit at home, yet wish to go out at a club without being noticed.

Bell said that she still studies hard for her auditions because she fears that she will not be able to land her next role. According to one source, Bell might have had a great career these past 2 years, but the actress disclosed that she definitely has that “Never Going to Work Again” syndrome. Furthermore, she elaborated that negative thoughts about her career keep swirling in her head, and she thinks they will never go away. Nevertheless, she is very grateful with her career. She is very ambitious and determined.

So Kristen Bell decides not to sell her future wedding pictures. Nonetheless, to all the future brides out there in the Waterloo area, regardless of how you want to treat your future wedding photos in Waterloo, Wedding Planner gives its full support

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