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Unorthodox Ideas For Reception Themes

Pretty much any wedding reception can be a great time. Whether you have a big crowd or a small one, a huge rented […]

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How to take care of wedding guest accommodation

You’ve invited everyone to your wedding, you’ll take care of the F&B, but where should they all sleep? Should you take care of […]

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Outdoor Wedding

Tips for choosing the perfect wedding ceremony venue

  One of the first things that you probably think about when planning a wedding is the wedding ceremony venue. After all, it […]

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GoPro Wedding

The latest in wedding videos is placing a GoPro on your officiant for a bird’s eye view of your wedding ceremony. This is […]

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Waterloo Wedding

On Weddings and Special Events in Waterloo

Regardless of the where and when, weddings are always momentous occasions, celebrations whose memories will forever be treasured by wedded couples and guests […]

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Her Wedding Planner

Getting Your Wedding Planner Right in Waterloo

You may be unsure of it, but the right wedding planner could be one of the best decisions you can make for your […]

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Her Wedding Planner

Five Must-knows for Your Wedding Venue

Now, you may feel it’s a little too much. But there is nothing wrong in getting technical with a venue -especially for your […]

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her wedding planner

Getting Your Wedding Location in Three Easy Steps

Now that you have finally decided to tie the knot, zeroing in on where to hold your ‘day of union’ in Waterloo could […]

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Tranquil wedding setting

Tips on how to Prepare for an Outdoor Wedding

Having an outdoor wedding is one of the most popular wedding venues. Why? Because outdoor weddings are romantic and beautiful as you infuse […]

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