An Interesting Concept for a Wedding Dress

This guy made a wedding dress almost entirely out of Chocolate.

This guy made a wedding dress almost entirely out of chocolate.

If you want something unique for your wedding in Waterloo, a man in Michigan, USA, has made a wedding dress that would literally make you look sweet.

Self-taught confectioner, Ken Stephens, had an interesting idea of a wedding dress for the West Michigan Wedding Association Bridal show; he decided to make a wedding dress out of chocolate.

Stephens said that at first, he was just kind of saying it. The co-owner of MiraBella Confections in Grand Rapids, Michigan said that, at the beginning, he had no idea that he was actually going to do it.

After much figuring out, Stephens and his six employees spent most of the month working on the knee-length dress made almost absolutely of chocolate.

Leah Turner, a model, will wear the wedding dress for the show this Friday and Saturday together with an ensemble composed of 30 long-stemmed chocolate roses in a bouquet, stilettos with chocolate and crystal brooches, and a crystal-encrusted chocolate tiara. Everything will be edible except for the crystals.

The dress will use 50 pounds of chocolate. Although, the model would be able to easily walk the runway as assured by Stephens, she will be unable to sit down.

Stephens designed the wedding dress from the sketches drawn by one customer. Since then, the design has been improvised multiple times. He said that the designing part is the most fun part for him because it comes to him instinctually.

The bridal show will be at DeVos Place this Friday, 5 to 9 pm; and Saturday, 10 to 4 pm.

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